White musks accompany modern urban man* — the one cut off from nature and obsessed with purity — from childhood: the production of laundry detergents, cosmetics, perfumes and, even food products, are indispensable without these synthetic odorants.

The thick lather of your favourite shampoo, the waxy sheen on a green apple, a bar of fragrant soap in a drawer, the soft swamp that is a fresh pillow. It’s all that and more.

It’s YOUR scent that behaves differently on skin and fabric. When applied on garments, it’s the green frosty top note that lingers. On body, this fragrance reveals its gentle musky side synonymous to cleanliness and comfort.

*The fragrance was first created for Moscow Urban Fest 2019 as a universal ‘urbanite’ smell.

Notes: mentholated shampoo, soap bar, fabric softener

15 ml, EDP, genderless.
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