A personal altar laden with smouldering incense.
The meditative scent of frankincense.

As we contemplate DUSK, we relish the moment of silence and solitude. The serene glow of the red sun resembles the warmth of old lamps in city windows.
Coming back home: from the floor, a pleasant aroma of wood; in the corner, the crackling resin of a candle caught in the flame; fragrant spices in the kitchen grinder harmonise with the crispness of fresh linen.
DUSK is a feeling of security and comfort that you can carry with you everywhere, like invisible armour.

Key notes: black pepper, frankincense, musk.


Green leaves, crushed in your hands.
An invigorating herbal scent.

DAWN is like stepping out onto chilly balcony tiles and embracing the sunlight that slices through the still, cool air.
It captures all the greenery of the city; its juice and freshness: the dew on the park lawn, a harvest of basil from the market, the sweetness of minty candy or chewing gum, rich herbal notes and a hint of bitterness from whipped matcha tea, leaves plucked by the drizzling rain.
It's that perfect contrast of coolness and warmth that's essential for awakening and rejuvenation.

Key notes: sweet mint, basil, matcha.

How to use: apply it as a perfume, hair mist, on fabrics, or as a room spray.

This multi-purpose fragrance functions as a long-lasting cologne, refreshing wardrobe items, suitable as a delicate fragrance on bed linen, throughout your home space, or in the car.

Comes in a 100 ml aluminium canister with a convenient sprayer for a fine, even application.

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