5 HOLYNOSE fragrances of your choice in one set.
5 x 2 ml.

ТУМАН / TUMAN / FOG: Eastern Bloc apartment blocks drowning in forestland. A meditative, balsamic scent.

ПЫЛЬЦА / PYLTSA / POLLEN: Memories in a bottle — it’s springtime in metropolis. А buoyant mix of citruses and florals.

ПЕПЕЛ / PEPEL / ASH: Sunrise after raving in a field. A warming scent of spices and pipe tobacco.

НЕЙЛОН / NEILON / NYLON: The story of a synthetic fabric — thin but durable — told through the language of scents. A subtle, woody fragrance.

ЧЁРНЫЙ / CHORNY / BLACK: An ode to Soviet avant-garde, inspired by the works of Rodchenko and Stepanova. A smoky, aldehydic iris.

СВОЙ / SVOY / YOUR: A universal olfactory code every city dweller is familiar with. A shot of clean musks.

ЗАКАТ / DUSK: A personal altar laden with smouldering incense. The meditative scent of frankincense.

ВОСХОД / DAWN: Green leaves, crushed in your hands. An invigorating herbal scent.
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