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HOLYNOSE is a manifesto on the sacredness of smell.

We dream of the world where scents are perceived not just as something functional but as complex experiences and new ways of communication. We want olfactory stimuli to become as universally acclaimed and understood as its audio and visual allies. We set our focus on the olfactory side of reality.

We think a good perfume is the same as a good book, a good LP or a good movie: you can relate to it, you can reflect on it, it can become a great companion or — in some cases — it can change your life.

We draw inspiration from urban-rural contrasts: architecture and design, in its visual and textural diversity, has had a significant impact on our philosophy and style. Concrete monoliths overgrown by greenery, natural materials and synthetics, craft traditions and scientific knowledge — the way nature and humanity interact is something we never cease to explore.

The character of each of our fragrances reflects the eclectic background of our team. Car parts, cassette tapes, herbariums — we’ve spent our childhood in the outskirts of Moscow and St. Petersburg; our youth bloomed in the continuous cultural exchange with like-minded people around the world.
If you would like to collaborate, get in touch with us here:
Дарья Хлопкина, Марина Анциперова,
Ксения Голованова, Москвич Mag
Сергей Борисов, Fragrantica
Sergey Borisov, Fragrantica